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Playstation 3 Won't Read Disc? The way to Repair PLAYSTATION 3 250GB Blu Ray Hard disks

If the Playstation 3 won't go through cds you then have come to the ideal location. In this posting you are going to how to repair PLAYSTATION 3 SLIM Blu Ray driving by using step-by-step guidelines. Keep reading to how to conserve $150, books will never have to send your PS3 back to Sony, in addition to how you can become video gaming again in under an hour, rather than having to delay 2 or 3 weeks to obtain the unit preset.

To be able to fix your PS3 kem 400a Blu Ray Drive you should have a collection of properly measured, cross-headed screwdrivers; one of those sets which includes a good number of sizing's may incorporate the correct one particular, and you will possibly own one of these lying around someplace.

In addition, you should have an upgraded laser zoom lens for the Blu Ray commute, therefore you will need the replacement unit drive from which you'll be able to "salvage" that zoom lens, or acquire on the net component variety Kes-400aaa.

This particular method intended for mending that Blu Ray generate on your PLAYSTATION 3 SLIM console seriously isn't all that difficult. You should take away your commute from your unit immediately after disconnecting the electricity cable connection along with facts bow, get rid of your protective shiny casing on the exterior in the generate, then the black dyed plate which usually saves the sensitive laser contact lens and mechanism itself.

Upcoming, unscrew that screws which often support the laser zoom lens constantly in place, remove your older zoom lens, after which you can set up the new you. After this, you merely must set anything back with each other, harley seat your PS3 KES-400aaa KEM-400aaa Blu Ray Drive back in spot, reconnect the images ribbon and the energy wire, and your own PLAYSTATION 3 250GB should be doing work once again such as brand new.