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There is a great deal of discussion about reducing energy by using less gasoline, but not a lot of talk about using a water to gas system in your vehicle. The notion seems silly for many people because it sounds like you just fill your tank up with water. In reality, a water to gas system is actually something more complicated than filling a tank with water but if you understand what it involves, you may want to try it yourself. Those who tried out a water to gas system have alleged to save on the amount of gas they use to about one third.

There are many practical facts that should give you enough information to make an informed decision before you actually try this system. You will get better fuel economy without buying a new car, by simply installing a water to gas fuel conversion kit on the vehicle you already have. It won't require any significant changes to your engine and you can improve your gas mileage by as much as 100%. These types of platforms are very inexpensive to make, being a much better alternative to buying a new hybrid. If you get it done yourself, you are likely to spend anywhere between $150 to $300. The kit is not permanently placed in the engine thus it can be easily removed when you no longer need it.

Your car could be functioning with the kit installed in less than an hour, and if you are not able to do it yourself, a professional can do it for you. A few of the systems require distilled water, but there are kits you can find online, which will show you how to build a system that only needs tap water. All you need to do is squeeze in a little water and examine it once a week to see if it is working properly. You may want to add water and baking soda to the kit every 3 to 6 weeks. The results are varied but after installing the water fuel conversion system, you can expect from 30% to 60% better gas mileage. The systems typically have to have just 4 inches by 8 inches of space so it can be easily set up and maintained.

Better still, once you install one of these systems, you might qualify for a tax credit. The systems are designed so that they are not going to cause damage to your car but it may improve the car's performance. In some instances, there have been enhancements in the automobile's transmission and acceleration. You can not just save money on gas, but you can additionally help the environment as well. While some other gas-saving strategies do not necessarily benefit the environment, this system does.

You could possibly be looking for ways to save on energy consumption for helping the environment, or simply to save money on your gas bill. In either case, you should try a water to fuel system on your vehicle before you rush out to purchase a new hybrid.

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